I wrote an article about Clubhouse for podcasters that you may find helpful for your Clubhouse podcast strategy.

As podcasters, I think we have a real opportunity with Clubhouse as well as similar services that are (supposedly) coming soon, including one from Twitter and another from Mark Cuban. We have the skill set in place, so I think these audio-only social media networks are definitely something for us to look at, although I'm not buying into the hype like some are.

For me, Clubhouse is like a wave – let's ride it until it crashes and we have to hop off. It's been great for podcasters here to connect with each other, which I think is good enough on its own. As far as connecting with your podcast listeners, Clubhouse for podcasters has more info.

I'm looking forward to talking to you at the next meetup!

Need a Clubhouse invite? Let me know via the Big Podcast Instagram.