Not Dead Yet

During my time in the music business, there were a few instances of acts who would seemingly come out of nowhere, be everywhere, then disappear as quickly as they came.

This is how I feel about Clubhouse right now.

There were a couple of months when you couldn't go anywhere online without people talking about it, "invites" to get in were going for big money, and many podcasters were fearing it would negatively affect their audiences.

Right now, except for people who largely invested in Clubhouse and are still selling that dream, nobody cares. At least in most niches. Like anything, there are still a few groups sticking things out.

But not podcasters.

Facebook, Twitter, and other major players are working on audio-only options that are similar to Clubhouse. And Clubhouse is still valued at something like $4,000,000,000.

But is it valuable to you and me?

For now, I'm sticking to non-Clubhouse options are far as connecting with people. The US is doing better as far as COVID-19 numbers, which means we may be able to get together for in-person events soon. And Zoom is still going strong.

"Big Podcast Club" isn't dead. Let's call it a hibernation. Or maybe just a transformation.

Whatever it is, I'm not doing anything on Clubhouse at the moment.

Will I be back to Clubhouse in the future? Maybe. But until then visit me here.

Big Podcast Club Is Now "Official"

We're now an "official" club on Clubhouse. Search for "Big Podcast" to find us.

I've made it so that anybody can start a room under this club, so feel free to do that, but please keep topics limited to the business and art of podcasting.

Clubhouse for Android

Clubhouse for Android doesn't exist yet, but if you're on Android and want to have a similar (?) experience, you may want to look at Space, which has both Android and iPhone options.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do anything for Big Podcast Club on Space, but if there is enough interest, I will definitely consider hosting something there or giving you the tools to do that yourself.

My goal with this experiment is to get podcasters talking to each other as well as listeners of their podcasts. As far as platforms go, I'm agnostic.

Big Podcast Club is live.

Social networks come and go as quickly as podcasts. Or do they? Remember Ello? I just checked and it's still there, but now it's "a community for artists."

Clubhouse is the latest social network to be getting a lot of buzz. As a podcaster, it's worth paying attention to because it's audio-only and a great way for you to interact with podcast listeners doing what you do best – talking and listening.

I was skeptical about Clubhouse, but Larry Roberts kept on me about it. Finally, I jumped in and I agree with what people are saying that there is a lot of potential there.

I love that it's interactive. That's something that we have in podcasting, but not in the way that we have with broadcast radio. Because of this, there is a ton of potential for you to get connected to your podcast audience in a new way.

There's also an opportunity for us to connect to each other as podcasters in a new way, so I've set up this site as a way to support that.

The first presentation will be me talking with Larry about his experience using Clubhouse as a way to build an audience for his podcast.

The official Clubhouse "Club" is coming soon. For now, follow me @davidhooper.