DATE: 02/16/21

MODERATORS: David from Build A Big Podcast and Wendy The Print Journalist


THE BIG IDEA - The seven elements you must have to have a successful podcast, both in terms of growing an audience and your ability to sustain it

TOPICS (These are general topics covered – not the seven-part framework itself.)

  • Am I the person to share this message? How to know...
  • Your podcast topic – what happens if you get sick of it?
  • Controlling your message, what happens when you lose control, and how to take it back
  • Making a podcast listeners feel is just for them
  • Building audience connection
  • Being associated with a topic/movement/philosophy you no longer want to be associated with
  • The two reasons people will take a chance on your podcast (and keep listening once they try it out)
  • The number one reason people won't listen to your podcast, even if it's a good match for them
  • How to make something listeners feel connected to and will share with their friends

Thanks to everybody who dropped in. This framework and more details on it will be included in my upcoming book on podcasting, so if you're interested in hearing more about it, that will be one place to find it.