DATE: 01/28/21

MODERATORS: David from Build A Big Podcast and Larry from Readily Random

PARTICIPANTS: Rafeal from Srvd Radio, Kathi from The Power of Reinvention, Helen from Who You Needed, Adam from Apartment Investing Show, Karen from Deconversion Therapy, and Luisda from Content Is Profit


THE BIG IDEA - The "Clubhouse Opportunity"


  • Having the courage to get "on stage"
  • Reinventing your life
  • Going full time as a podcaster – what it takes
  • Larry's "How I Quit My Job" Plan
  • Speaking your truth
  • "Anonymous" podcasters
  • The power of one person connecting to your message
  • Diversity in media
  • Doing things to build your podcast that aren't scalable

Great to see everybody both on stage and in the audience to kick off The Big Podcast Club. It's inspiring to see people coming from so many different backgrounds, each with a different (yet valuable) approach to podcasting.